Saturday, March 16, 2013

Will having a bad hair day in West Virginia

imprint left by tent in snow

private rickety walking bridge

twin sheepdogs

Max & Parkman biking

beautiful day scouts biking


river scenery

steep hill views

high river

steel bridge

big river, big hills

one of many raging creeks feeding the Greenbrier river

Garner, Hess, Nicholas, Pearce await "rescue"

waiting by tunnel for "rescue"

bikes being left behind for "rescue"

Hess & Miles having coffeee with the locals

Park Ranger Jody

"rescue" by the ranger

bridge on trail

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Marlinton train station

dirt bean cafe

Miles Baker holding court

What's wrong with this picture?

Team Mungan

Randolph Maxwell goes home.

Sam is 14. happy birthday!!

Sam is 14! Happy Birthday

Sam Saia's birthday

Waitin' on The City of New Orleans

More Nap time

Nap time, Commander misses first button

Left the bikes in WVA

Morning on The Cardinal

Back N Shi Town

How Many Scouts?

Van full of scouts video

The Untouchables

Dolph, Parker & Will


More Dolph, Parker, Will




Hess & Miles


Dolph & Parker