Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Philmont 2011

After rest and collecting my thoughts,  I felt it necessary to inform the parents of the Troop 1 Scouts at Philmont the following observed opinion. 
1.  All of the scouts were well prepared for all aspects of the camping, hiking, and, backpacking skills necessary for a successful high adventure.
2.  The level of mental and physical participation was excellent among the scouts and most adults. (wink)
3.  The behavior of the 14-16 years olds in 725-U-01 was far better than I expected from that age group.  Even an abundance of 'good manners' and proper respect of adults and each other made this trip a pleasure beyond a high adventure.
4.  By the end of the trip everyone was working together as a well oiled machine.  Not an easy task-getting everyone moving in the same direction.
5.  Finally, I thank all of you for allowing me the time to share with your fine young men on such a wonderful adventure.
Bill Harper

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